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Lucie Thomas

Client & Staff Engagement Officer

Coming from a customer service and finance background and having run her own business, Lucie has a great understanding of what it takes to bring a team together, whilst adding a wealth of experience and positivity to the Berry team.

As Berry’s client and staff engagement officer, Lucie manages the implementation of strategies for increasing customer engagement across the business, including all Berry’s social platforms and collaborating with Berry’s Marketing and Service teams. Lucie maintains communication with the whole Berry workforce, ensuring positivity is always high and just as importantly, keeping the whole team in the loop.

Lucie ensures the business is up to date with trends and innovative customer engagement strategies in the hospitality and cleaning industry. Her diverse experience has helped create strategies that provide tangible and measurable benefits to Berry and our clients. Lucie has an excellent eye for recognising customer service opportunities that will benefit our customers and clients and has made significant improvements to Berry’s application and service delivery. 

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