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Window Cleaning Services Rates

There are many  factors that come in to play while we price any window cleaning services job… Read more here.

If you would like a quick but accurate estimate, please complete the estimate form by filling in as much of the information as possible. 

Window Types

Windows may not be the first thing you daydream about - apart from when they need cleaning, but we do often think about windows at Berry Bright.  There are many different types of window designs that exist. Here are some of the most common windows we clean at Berry Bright.


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Casement Window

A popular window amongst Cardiff homeowners, casement windows are hinged at the side, allowing them to swing outwards. A casement window can be operated by a handle or lever, usually at arm level, and a fold-away mechanism called a casement stay or crank at the bottom to hold the window in an open position. An excellent choice of window for letting in the sunlight and fresh air. Casement windows are also highly energy-efficient, as the sash is flush to the window frame when closed, preventing any air leakage.

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